Thursday, August 25, 2011


Mexico has taken it's lumps in recent years with a nasty combination of drug cartel wars and violence, lousey economy, flu scares and more violence.  Life has quieted down, Baja violence has moved to the Texas border where it should stay and plague our past president, fitting I should say.

Be that as it may, our little part of heaven is back to it's old smiles of sunny days, cool evenings and mornings, parties, mariachi music and fun.  For the 15,000 plus ex-pats who call northern Baja home, it's the usual round of fiestas, bridge games, tango dancing, art shows, wine tastings and too many events to do them all.  Restaurants are opening again, parking is not easy to find on the main streets, and life has returned to the joy we found so enticing.

My vacation house becons you to come, bring your t-shirt, a pair of jeans and the desire to enjoy life at a fraction of the cost in the USA.  Smiles are cheap and plentiful in Baja.  Come share some with us.

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